Thursday, 5 January 2017

Xmas and New Year in Singapore. Part 3 -. The Long Xmas Weekend. Boxing Day.

In Singapore they do not have Boxing Day. Their holidays are different to the ones in the UK. The best thing you can do is to read Wikipedia for information on them to get some understanding.

We woke up and had a PatandTony each, and Timbo had brought us an Appenzeller Bärli-Biber each. Mine was yummy. Sadly, Special K did not like his. He is new to being an honorary Bärli. Give him time and he will come round, I am sure he will.

Somebody has to protect the PatandTonys
and the Appenzeller Bärli-Biber
We had a nice walk along Orchard and made our way to Fort Canning. It is a curious and interesting place which I would like to explore more, but fewer steps next time. It is very high up for me with my short legs.

We at last reached the upper level and strolled around looking at the buildings, remnants of fortifications, and outdoor artworks, some of which were strange to me. Then we slowly made our way down to where the outdoor escalators are. On the way we saw a strange gazebo on its own, and further on down a small graveyard.

This art was much easier for me to cope with
This is either a fortification,
a peculiar public loo,
or a Tardis gone wrong.
The strange gazebo, complete with rubbish left behind by somebody.
Some other people enjoying Fort Canning
The little graveyard ...
... in spooky black and white!
After this we strolled to the former City Hall and the former Supreme Court of Singapore which are now an art gallery. As today was a public holiday we could all get in free, even Timbo. Here we saw the confident buildings, erected in the sure knowledge of the security of the Empire. There is a plaque that informs you the Supreme Court building was started in 1937 and completed in 1939. Timbo commented on the irony.

While walking around Timbo discovered a new artist he got very excited about, Wu Guangzhong. He had never heard of this artist before but what we saw made Timbo very excited and happy. He stood for ages (oh, my poor hind paws) staring at a picture of paddy fields. I think it was rather good too.

Then we had a really fab part. I give you the blurb about what we saw in the old City Council Chamber.


ARTISTS: S1T2 and amigo&amigo
MEDIUM: Project Mapping

This interactive work explores the connectivity of people through time and space. Affinity represents the  intricate web of relationships we share with each other. It is  tribute to the connection every guest has with the room and those inside it.

This large-scale installation comes to life as you explore it. Activated by touch, a visual spectrum of light and sound emanates from each orb - from a vibrant multidimensional palette to an angelic white canvas.

With over 100 points of interaction, this artwork invites visitors to collaborate in creating an immersive experience. By working together they can control the way Affinity ebbs and flows.

S1T2 stand for Story 1st, Technology 2nd. It is a creative technology agency that believes technology can enrich the way stories are told. Its goal is to tell an engaging story, showcase innovative technology and create experiences that inspire.

amigo&amigo is an industrial design company best known for immersive light installation works that engage audiences and transform public spaces. It is passionate about pushing boundaries and creating artworks that are fearlessly experimental. Its light interactive works have been featured in Sydney’s Vivid Light Festival for three consecutive year.

Special K changed the lights while Timbo took some photos of me in front of them. He also touched the metal discs on the spheres and changed colours. Both he and Special K were like young kids. Timbo even used his chin as well as his hands to apply pressure to change the colours. It was fun!

Timbo made this standard triptych without any help from me.
He is rather clever sometimes.

A special stacked triptych.
Soon it was getting close for time to part again. We had lunch at the Muji café in Raffles City, and then back to the hotel where we said good-bye properly and the day was over. Special K went back home, we went back to the hotel and snoozed. It has been a very exhausting weekend for me.

I will continue as soon as possible to update you all on the rest of the holiday. For now, lots of Bärli hugs and best wishes to you all for 2017. I hope this will be a super 5 Paw © year (I am developing the Paw Marking System © for the future).

The sign of excellence, a Five Paw Award.

If you are really bad you get a no paw marking. Best avoided!

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