Thursday, 19 January 2017

E& O, Iain d'Eau is home

Sunday 15 January 2017

Another lovely morning. The air felt much less stuffy. As we left the room, I saw two birds perched outside the room. It was lovely to see them. One of them had its feathers all fluffed up. It looked like feathery fluffy fur.

The two birds
We had our big breakfast and then went back to the room. Timbo did some bank things, paying bills (he tries his best to be a prompt payer), and then he helped make sure the photos were good on my blog and when we were both satisfied with them, I posted it. Now that as out the way, it was time to do the tedious work of emptying the safe and packing those bits and pieces away. Fortunately for us, the safe unlocked and opened on the first attempt.

Timbo was also sending time chatting with Special K. Before we knew it, we were all packed and ready with lots of time to spare, but it soon slipped by. The reception area was very busy as there were lots of people leaving. Timbo was wise to allow time to check out, even though we did not need it.

Incidentally, why do you humans call this part of hotels and office buildings 'reception' even though you not only receive but also say farewell to guests n he same place?

Our ride along the nice windy road was slow as there were resurfacing works going on. In spite of the initial slow progress we made it back home almost on the dot of 1 o'clock. The nice man who greeted us and who takes the luggage saw the E&O label on one of Timbo's suitcases and said "Welcome back" to Timbo.

We went inside and checked in. The lady asked how many of us there were. Timbo said one, and my bear. I never felt more proud of him. He took a photo of me having my E&O welcome drink. I am so happy to be home.

Sipping one's welcome drink.
As one does.

Of course, as we had arrived so very early our room was not yet ready. The lady offered Timbo access to the pool in the new wing. Timbo explained he much prefers the old wing or, to give it its proper title, the Heritage Wing, giving various reasons, but he did not say the real reason. It is my home.

When the room was ready the lady took us there. Timbo asked nicely when we booked the room if he could stay if at all possible in room 106 again, if not, any room on the same floor with a balcony would be really lovely. As we made our way to the room, poor Timbo could hardly keep his emotions under control. He knew where we were going. Once in the room he had to wipe away a tear. You see, it was because he was in room 106 again.

That says it all!
We did a little unpacking, but we hurried to make our way to the pool as fast as we could. It was so quiet and peaceful. Timbo worked on his music a bit and fell asleep a few times and snoozed.

Relaxing on one's sun lounger by the pool.
As one does.
After all this stress it was time to go to the room, get ready for dinner, which we had at Sarkies Corner. Back to the room and bed.

Ready to go to sleep.
As one does.

Monday 16 January 2017

We woke early but took our time to get up. Before we did, Timbo took some photos of boats not taht far from the hotel. If he gets up early enough he likes to photograph the local fishermen at work as best her can. There are also ships that go in and out of the port during the day and Timbo likes to photograph them too. The E&O is in the perfect place for several of these photo opportunities. 

Fishing (1 of 2).
Fishing (2 of 2).
An unusual ship coming in to port,
We went to breakfast and afterwards we went into the little museum of the E&O. This was  deliberate plan by Timbo. When he was here last time, he met in the corridor the lady who looks after the museum, she is called Merlene, and they were talking about things and Timbo mentioned that the author Somerset Maugham seems to have dropped out of favour and his books are hard to find. Well, and this is where the story gets really interesting, he went into a bookshop in Singapore and saw all kinds of books by Somerset Maugham, but not the short stories, which is what he and the lady talked about. Well, on this trip, he went into the bookshop twice and each time he found one of the two volumes he wanted, so he bought them and gave them to the lady today as special surprise. Merlene was very surprised and pleased. Sometimes Timbo can be so generous with kind thoughts I wonder how much Laing and Special K have made him so kind, because he told me in confidence, so do not repeat this to anybody, he did not used to be this kind.

After this, the rest of today was what Timbo needed. First to do a little readjusted packing, which he did very well, followed by more poolside rest and a few snoozes. He also did a little more music thinking and scribbling.

Yet again, after all this stress identical to yesterday it was time to go to the room, get ready for dinner, which we again had at Sarkies Corner. It is so nice there, the staff were very polite and smiling to us. It was then time to go back to the room and bed for the last time on this holiday.

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