Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Penang, Pinang, Here I Come

Wednesday 11 January 2017

We woke up and Timbo felt much, much, better. With most of the easy packing done yesterday it was time for the rest of the stuff after breakfast.

As the train to Butterworth was not until 12.50, we had plenty of time to get ready to leave and empty the safe, which was a good thing since the safe refused to open again. It took two lots of people to release it, which gave Timbo less time to do the things he needed to. He has been very strict on his banking, checking it regularly on this trip.

We checked out of the room at about 11.50 and waited it seemed for ever and a day until the taxi arrived, but we got to the station in plenty of time. The train arrived more or less on time, and we had to ask the person in our seat to move. He did not look well pleased.

This train was the KMT Gold service. There was more leg room on it, and for Timbo that matters. I am lucky as I am a young Bärli that I do not have such long hinds as you humans.

We arrived a few minutes after the scheduled time. Timbo said the station at Butterworth is very different to when he and Lang took the train in February 2011. We had to go up only to go back down (as is the way for you humans).

When we got back down people surrounded Timbo saying "Taxi?" to him and he kept answering "No. Ferry." We came to a load of step going up and Timbo thought lots of naughty thoughts, I recognise that look on his face, that is how I know, when a young man in military uniform offered to help him.

When we got to the top, yes you are already ahead of me, there was another load of steps to go down, but another young man in military uniform came over to help. Timbo and I want to publicly  thank these very kind young men.

Well, having gone up then down, back up and back down, you will never guess what comes next. Oh, you did. Yes, we had to go up a steep slope (there is a lot of going upwards in Butterworth) and got to the ferry check in. You then have to give a man your notes in exchange for coins which you then put into the turnstile which is watched over by another man. Timbo was very adept at wheeling his suitcases under and through the turnstile. He can be resourceful when he is feeling well.

We had just missed a ferry, but that did not matter as there are three every hour at this time of day. Once the foot passengers and then the cars got off the ferry it was time for the cars to go on followed then for us paw passengers. 

On board the ferry from Butterworth to Georgetown
The crossing was most pleasant and relaxing, then when we got to the other side, Georgetown on Pulau Pinang (or Penang island), guess what? Yes! We had to go down again as we were up on the top deck of the ferry.

Once we were down we got a taxi and after a very long drive we got to The Lone Pine. After the wide roads in Georgetown we found ourselves on narrow roads twisting and turning hugging the coastline. I was so happy to be back home, well not quite, but I did glimpse the E&O as we made our way here.

The Lone Pine is not like many other resorts, a large shaky scraper hotel. The tallest building is 5 storeys high. Our room, 309, is on the highest level. It overlooks the garden where they hold outdoor events, and beyond that is the narrow beach and then the Straits of Melaka.

He first thing Timbo noticed was he could hear the sea. He loves the sound of the waves. He had a text chat with Special K and then we strolled around the small grounds of the hotel. Then we went back to the room and got freshened up for a cocktail, ‘ferenghi fling’. There are five cocktails listed. We are here four nights. Two of the cocktails are prosecco based. I think the last night will be double cocktail night.

The house speciality cocktails
We went to the main restaurant, The Bungalow, for dinner. This is where we will also have breakfast every morning. Soon it was time for a shower and bed.

Lovely bed. Lots of room for me and (especially) Timbo. Hee-hee!

Thursday 12 January 2017

We had a long sleep. We woke up at 8 and had to rush. Even though breakfast is served until 11, who wants to be last? By the time we got to The Bungalow, nearly all the loungers round the pool were taken. We did not mind, after all we have a lovely large balcony, where we stayed nearly all day. Timbo was recuperating, snoozing, thinking about music, doing a special blog entry of his own, while I was at last catching up on writing my blog, which I have ignored while I have been looking after Timbo.

It soon came round to cocktail time and Timbo chose ‘pine forest’ which he found surprisingly delicious. Then dinner, then shower, then bed.

Friday 13 January 2017

Today was much the same as yesterday. Breakfast then I was hard at work on the balcony with my blog. Timbo was snoozing or thinking about music in his head.

This evening we decided to have dinner in the Japanese restaurant and that was delicious, if a little large. Naturally this was preceded by a cocktail. The poison of choice this evening was ‘frozen baturitas’.

The evening was slightly marred by a business having its annual dinner on the lawn.Timbo could not get to sleep and phoned reception to ask when it would finish. 11 pm. Not good when you are sleepy and even the earplugs do not keep out the noise of the woman shouting on the microphone. I know Timbo is slightly deaf, but that is no reason why he should be forced to hear all the inane prattling going on. I think my cuddles helped.

Saturday 14 January 2017
Our last full day. We spent it like every other day except we went for a slow gentle walk along the beach. Timbo was happy as he let the warm waters of the Straits of Malacca rush around his feet. It meant he was all covered in sand but that did not matter! He took some photos, some of them were macros of what nature left on the beach.

The beach at Batu Ferringhi
Two Shells
A dead crab
Two (different) shells
After our walk we started the repacking.

As anticipated Timbo had the two prosecco cocktails on his last night. Timbo thinks the best of the cocktails was his first, ‘ferenghi fling’.

Off to bed and tomorrow I am going home!

Iain d'Eau is going to be back in the E&O!

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