Monday, 5 December 2016

4 December 2016: The journey Home (Photo Blog)

The blog of this day's events is made up of photos and, I hope, helpful captions.

Timbo said there is an expression, a picture can paint a thousand words. I want these to paint thousands for you.

They bring back happy memories for me, and I am only a young Bärli. It makes me wonder how many memories Timbo has. I know I made the right decision to choose him as my human. If you want to now more about Timbo or me, please let me know.

Lots of love and Bärli hugs,


Me in the Piazza San Marco. It is brilliant.

Our nice taxi driver let me sit up here.
Grazie, Luca!

The Grand Canal really is grand.
Here they call it the Canale Grande.
That sounds better and grander.

Luca also let me sit on the canvas cover he has to keep him sheltered.

I am in tour guide mode here. I was telling Timbo:
"Ahead of us is the Ponte Rialto,
made famous in Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice",
and the boat you see approaching is one of the the Alilaguna services
which run between Venice and the airport,
named after a very famous Venetian who travelled as far as China.
His name was
Marco Polo.

I think I made the little girl on the left hand side of the vaporetto happy.
I am so glad us bears make you humans smile and be happy, if only for a few moments.

"... and coming up on the left hand side is the famous Pescaria,
once only an open air fish market, but is now used for fruit and veg.
The most famous part is the covered two storey building ahead..."

"... and now on the right hand side is the Ca' d'Oro,
so called because once it was partly covered in gilding."

We are now in open waters and can travel much
faster than in the main built up area of Venice.

Look at the wake of the other taxi.
It makes the journey bumpy, and fun!

Here is another Alilaguna service.
It is cheaper and slower than a taxi.
And lots less fun.

Timbo started singing gently to me:
"Up in the air, sky high, sky high".
It is from "Iolanthe" by Gilbert and Sullivan.
I am getting to know it.

Another sneaky one of me looking out.
Naughty Timbo!

This is one reason why Timbo loves to fly this route.
He says it never is the same.
There is always something new to see and be amazed by.

This is the second reason why Timbo loves to fly this route...

... and this is the third reason ...

... the fourth ...

... the fifth ...

... and sixth.
There were many many many more reasons,
but Timbo cannot spend all his life editing photos for my blog.
On second thoughts...

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