Saturday, 3 December 2016

3 December 2016: Day 4, My Last Full Day

Last night, after I posted my blog I managed to get a photo of me and the nice man Jacopo who is one of the lovely Venice people who work in Imagina. 

I think I make Jacapo look handsome
Today I had my same special holiday breakfast. If I had it every day of my life it would not be special. I have one more morning in Venice, so only one more special breakfast. I will be sad to leave, but I will be happy when I come back again. I have so many lovely new friends here.

Today Timbo took me back to his secret special place and showed me more of it. 

Before we got there he pointed out something special about the church of San Trovaso (another strange and special short two Venetian words for five: San Protasio e San Gervasio). It has two main entrances. This happened as two groups of humans did not like each other, hated each other in fact. Well, what do you expect from the most silly humans? This church is on the border of what each set thought was their territory. This meant one lot could walk in and out of one door. So you can guess what the other lot would do! These people were called the Nicolotti and the Castellani.

They hated each other so much they had special bridges where they were allowed to fight each other. These bridges have the name of Ponte dei pugni (one of those is near to Imagina, our favourite place to rest and eat). Timbo pointed out to me that boxing is also called pugilism and there is an English word pugnacious and these words are all related. My human knows a lot of things.
Again we walked down narrow streets which not many people used. They all walked along the bigger streets. Today there were suddenly more people in Venice. Timbo said it is the weekend, and this is when working people relax. I do not understand how they relax. They are running around at very fast speed. They are not looking at the City, just at themselves on both ends of a selfie stick taking a photo of them and a canal. Timbo says the building in front of them could have been the home of a very important Venetian, or there is a special history, or even a made up story about it and the have no idea that could be the case.

We saw some interesting things on our walk. Here are some of my pictures.

This man was learning to gondola.
Fire fighters also travel by water.
Like the road firefighters, lots fit into one boat.
I counted six quickly, but may have been more.
They are called Vigili del fuoco here.
I do not think I want to be a delivery bear in Venice.
By following the special walks book we found a wellhead that is unusual and not like any of the others I have seen. I think that is interesting and special and good to see.

This is:
"an unusual octagonal well head carved with typical 16th century rustication".
We shared lunch today. Soup and lasagne. Not together. We were together. The courses were not. I think that has cleared it up.

Lasagne. It was second days too.
After lunch we went for a little walk to Santa Maria della Salute. It is a big church. It was built to say thank you for saving Venice from one of the many plagues that used to happen in olden days. Back then you would build a church to say thank you. I suppose it was like Swiss giving chocolate to the passengers.

This is just above the side door where you go in on ordinary days.
One of Timbo's favourites.
It looks like a window.
It is a mirror.
Tomorrow is a sad day as we go home. But it is a happy day as I might get some more Swiss chocolate!

Time for supper and to say bye-bye to Stefano and Jacapo. I am sad to leave my new friends, but I hope to see them soon and give them more cuddles.

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