Thursday, 1 December 2016

01 December 2016: A short blog but brilliant Timbo photos.

This is a shorter blog. I realise I am making a lot of work for myself and Timbo. I want to tell you as much as I can but I also need to make life easier so I can see lots of things to tell you about. You have no idea how difficult it is to be a busy bear.

We had another brilliant breakfast. I like it here. Lots of fruit and pastries and eggs and a special thin Italian bacon. It keeps my bear tummy full and happy.

After breakfast Timbo was texting with friends and his brother. He is a busy human. Then we went out walking again. He continued his hunt for things and like yesterday, he showed me secret streets hardly anybody goes in and stories about them. Timbo took me to see the theatre that is now no longer there. You need to know it is there to find it. I was so pleased he chose to show me this, because I understand he shows me things that are important or special for him.

Well, today he went in a shop and kept me distracted while he spent some money. I think this is a surprise I am supposed to know nothing about. He cannot pull the fur over my eyes.

I saw the big Piazza San Marco. It is huge. Timbo’s mother and aunt came here in 1951. I have seen a photo of his aunt here in the Piazza San Marco. It was warmer weather, she was not all wrapped up like people are.

It was time to go back to Imagina, this time to meet Timbo’s friend Stefano. He has just come back from a holiday in Iceland. That sounds too cold for me, but Stefano loved it, so I guess it cannot be that bad.

After lunch, Timbo was very tired and we went back to the hotel so he could have a little nap. While he was doing that I have been writing up my blog. I need him to help me with the photos before I post them, but that will have to wait until after supper, and you will never guess where that is going to be. I bet you cannot imagine where!

Here are the pictures, and I am dedicating this blog to Timbo's lovely best friend Jennie as I am not there to give her a hug.
This is what you get to see things if you do not follow the crowd.
An ordinary street corner?
Not ordinary (except for Venice) when you look close at the pillar.
These are called passerelle.
They let you walk on water when there is acqua alta.

Timbo does arty things
Lots of arty things
This is his very, veryest, arty thing called a joiner.
This is where that theatre used to be.
The Calle and Corte del Teatro San Moisè.

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