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30 November 2016: Venice Day 1

We both woke up for a few hours in the night, but as I cuddled Timbo more he managed to get to sleep. When we woke up again it was time to get our skates on. Timbo is not always at his best first thing in the morning so he nearly put on my skates. I must remember to dash for the skates when needed.

We had a lovely breakfast. Timbo was so happy when they offered him scrambled egg and bacon. It is a treat he has when on his holidays. The very nice ladies doing the breakfast also gave him freshly peeled and sliced banana and kiwi fruit. He loves these both a lot. They are delicious eaten alone, but together they make my Bärli chops moisten at the thought. I think these Venetian people are very clever and very perceptive. They must know I am staying here.

Timbo and I went out for a long walk. We were not doing anything specific, he loved showing me around and telling me about all the times he had been here before. He really likes Venice a lot. I sometimes think he wishes he could have lived his life here.

This is high tide. Acqua Alta is when it gets higher. Sometimes much higher.
This is a squero. A special Venetian word for a boatyard where they make and repair gondolas.
A long narrow street that
goes all the way to a canal.
Well we walked in streets with lots of people then suddenly Timbo took me down into narrow streets with nobody in them. We wiggled around here and there. I was sure we were going round in circles or he was lost but he kept telling me more about Venice and the streets we were in, then out we would pop into a big street again and he would show me something new and tell me all about it.

Then he said, it was lunchtime! I knew what this meant. We went down more deserted streets, followed twists and turns until we got to Imagina again. How he knows all these funny little streets I will never know. I am going to have to learn them too so I can help him find the way if he gets confused. He is not as young as me. He has so much more knowledge to remember. Perhaps I could be extra knowledge for him when he needs it.

Lots of laughs and I met Domenico again and a nice lady called Ramona. Timbo said she once had all her hair blue and she looked really amazing and beautiful. I must fund the photograph he took of her since he cannot remember where it is. See how he needs extra knowledge! We also met a very special lady called Karen who also write s blog. She came all the way across the ocean from America to live in Venice. Timbo thinks she and her husband Mike, who also sounds a really fabulous person, are amazing people and he said people like that give him a lot of strength to carry on with life. I love Karen. She gave me a kiss. I hope Mike will not be jealous and get angry.

Bärli likes Ramona: Five paws  
Bärli likes Karen: Five paws 
Timbo went out walking in the late afternoon hoping to find certain things, or at least some inspiration. He has not told me what he is looking for. I want to help and keep my eyes open for him. As we were walking around he told me about the parts of Venice we were walking through and some stories.

After we went back to the hotel to warm up and let Timbo do some important things we went on a walk in the opposite direction. We went over the Academia bridge close to the sunset and I saw one of Timbo’s favourite places from there. Santa Maria della Salute. It did look wonderful.

So off we went to Campo Santo Stefano (but the Venetians call it Campo San Stefano) and we went inside the church. There is a special small space inside the church dedicated to Santo Stefano, or Saint Stephen. Timbo explained he does not believe in the God stuff like some people, but he came here to light a candle in memory of a very special friend. His best friend who is now dead. He was talking quietly to his friend too. I hope I can be a as good a friend to Timbo.

He then pointed out a stone slab where a man is buried. This man used to write music and it was famous and he did all kinds of clever things. Like making it sound like an echo of music happening inside the Basilica of San Marco and he made it sound loud then quiet. Timbo explained he probably was not the first person to do it but he made doing it famous in the world because he was so good. His I think I might listen and see if I like his music. Timbo is wise about music, so he is probably right.

We walked through the streets and Timbo is so full of facts. For example, how many of you know that Venice was once full of theatres? The most famous theatre in Venice is called La Fenice. It means The Phoenix. It is not the most auspicious of names since it has burned down and been rebuilt three times. Another theatre was once not that far away from there. Nothing remains, but Timbo told me it is interesting to find where these places like this used to be. It is near where many posh shops are and down a little alleyway. The alleyway has the name of the theatre. There is a plaque commemorating the theatre. He told me if we have time we will find the place. 

Timbo loves this special coloured glass in the gate to the Peggy Guggenheim museum.
Santa Maria della Salute in the late evening sun.
Timbo says this shop is sometimes ruder than this.
Timbo could not find what he wanted to buy and still did not tell me what it was. I think it is a human secret he has. I hope he will tell me soon. I said I was hungry and we stopped at a small restaurant. Timbo said it did not look like it would set the world on fire (what a strange thing to say) but it should be fine. We went in and Timbo ordered us Polenta e schie followed by a pizza quattro formagi. Which is the clever and proper Italian way of saying a yellow thing with prawns followed by a pizza with four different cheeses melted on it. Timbo had a small chat with two ladies next to us. He was really nice to them. He told them of some things he liked which might be nice for them to do. I Hhope they get the chance to have a wonderful time.

Then we went back to Imagina for a nightcap. I already knew Timbo loves a drink called amaretto, and he likes to have it in Italy as that is where it comes from. I think that is nice. He also had a naughty piece of tiramisù. He does like his puds!

We got back to the hotel and Timbo was really tired, and so was I. I think he was more tired from the wine at lunch time and the amaretto just now.

He spent time chatting with his brother, and I would like to meet him too. I think he must be almost as brilliant as Timbo.

I need to start the blog for today, but I have only finished the one from yesterday. This blog stuff is hard work.

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