Thursday, 1 February 2018

Saturday 27 January 2018

Today we had a rather lazy start. We had arranged with Heidi to meet up round about lunchtime. Before we did, Timbo took some money out of a bank machine. He withdrew Fr. 300 which is about £225. Timbo was very surprised when the notes came out, instead of the usual set of three Fr. 100 notes he got a Fr, 200 and a Fr. 100 note. So that meant one piece of paper represented about £75 and the other about £150. Now I understand why Timbo tries to get smaller notes as fast as he can in Swiztzerland.

We did something rather crazy because Timbo knows Switzerland quite well he does not need to do all the tourist things like he used to. That does not mean to say he has done all of the things you should do but he has done a lot of the important ones. 

So what was this the crazy thing we did? We went shopping in a garden centre with Heidi! She was going to buy some plants for Alexandra, as well as for herself. She also said there was a wonderful coffee shop in the garden centre.

Alexandra has asked for a surprise, and Timbo suggested we could buy her a tree, even though it would be more of a shock than a surprise as she lives in an apartment. Well, would you believe there was a surprising tree we found and we got it for her?

Bonsai Style Thyme Tree!
When we got to the garden centre I could not believe how big it was indoors. There was more space outside, but of course, as it is winter there were no plants outside to choose from. We then went and had something to drink and a little bit to nibble. We also had to buy some wooden crates. The first place we went to did not have the right sort. So we went to another shop. This time we were lucky. Now we have bought everything it was time to deliver it.

After having been good delivery people, we went back to Heidi's house, where we had a little rest before getting ready to go back out again. This time we went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Kloten (Chloote in Swiss German). We picked up Alexandra and made out way to the restaurant where we were joined by Heidi's brother Willi and his wife.

Timbo did try to speak German but he found it more difficult today. He wishes he could be much better. But that did not stop us from all having a wonderful time with lots of laughs as well as enjoying our scrummy meal.

Willi kindly offered to drive us to the airport which was not far away, so that we could catch the train from there rather than to travel back to Winterthur and then back into Z├╝rich. It is a good idea as there are more trains from the airport than there are from Winterthur.

We could not have had better timing as the train came in only a couple of minutes after we got down to the platform.

Sadly our luck run out at this point. We just missed the tram by seconds. At least it is not very far to walk from the station to the hotel. Once we got back we collapsed onto the bed and had a long sleep. A very long sleep.

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