Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Friday 26 January 2018

Poor old Timbo. The bed was a little bit too soft for him. He prefers his bed to be nice and firm. Perhaps I should not say this, but he is a little bit heavier than me and soft beds do not give way so easily under me, so it does not bother me.

We had our breakfast and then we went out with the cameras.

Lindenhof seen across the Limmat from Rosengasse in the Altstadt, or Old Town
We took the tram from Rudolph-Brun-Brücke to Sechseläutenplatz which is a large space in front of the Opera. 
Three images of the Opera House
and the Sechseläufenplatz.
Timbo tried to took some fancy photographs. He took the really good ones when I was helping him, showing him how to do it properly. He is rather clever though. When he saw the chairs all over the place in different clumps and in different places, he told me he was going to call them Conversation Pieces, but these are the ghosts of conversations that must have been shared when people were there. That's quite clever.

He was justifiably very pleased with the photos and he then suggested we should get on the number 11 tram that was coming so we could go to the Bahnhoffstrasse. 

Crossing the Quaibrücke on the number 11 tram
The seats at the back of the new trams are great!
By chance we found ourselves outside the Apple store. Timbo had just received a few text messages. I suggested he could use the free Wi-Fi of the Apple Store. He thought that was a brilliant idea. Sometimes I wonder how my grown-up would ever cope without me.

Once he had finished all of his chats, we then made our way to the Lindenhof which is one of Timbo's favouritest parts of Zürich. 

A close up of the spouts at the fountain at the junction of
Rennweg (one of Timbo's favourite streets) and Strehlgasse
Once we had climbed up to the Lindenhof Timbo rested and looked around. He has lots of happy memories being up there. We went back down and walked along Strehlgasse and Storchengasse to the Münsterhof. We did not go in the church this time. We crossed the Münsterbrücke to get to the Helmhaus tram stop. From there we climbed up to the Grossmünster and walked through the old town along Münstergasse and Niederdrfstrasse to get back to the hotel.

Timbo noticed how the high lamp in the street
and the hut had a similar look about them.
He calls this photograph "Echoes across the Limmat".
Timbo downloaded his photographs from the camera to the computer. We went back out for about half an hour and only took a handful of photographs. 

A pompous pigeon giving us a dirty look on the Rathausbrücke
This carving appears under each of the windows of the Rathaus.
He does not look very happy.
Poor Timbo's legs were giving way and his eyes were closing. He was extremely tired, and so was I after all that walking! We went back to the hotel where we both had a nice snooze. When we woke up it was almost time to meet Heidi for dinner. As usual we were at the Brasserie Lipp where we had a lovely light meal.
After dinner we had a nice brisk walk to the opera house where we had a wonderful time. Timbo has written a review of the operas we saw. He knows more than I do about music so I am sure he is possibly right about the operas.

Me posing next to my copy of the programme for the operas
The inside of the Zurich Opera House.
Timbo used his new toy, a fish-eye lens on the camera for this photograph.
We said goodbye to Heidi at the Stadelhofen railway station which is very near the opera. We walked back to the hotel and then went to bed.

Although I have not written very much, please believe me when I say we were very busy all day. Walking around and observing what is there takes a lot of efforts.

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