Friday, 2 February 2018

Monday 29 January 2018

Oh well, I suppose all good things must come to an end. My trip to Switzerland is now nearly over. I cannot wait to come back again.

After breakfast we went back into our room and I helped Timbo pack his suitcase. He needs a Bärli's help as he is only human.

Once I had got him almost completely packed I allowed him a little rest while I caught up on my blog. I need to edit it when we get back home and select the best photographs to go with it, then I need to make the photopgraphs look their best with Photoshop, so that it can be presented to the world. I would never want to publish anything that is not worthy of the faith my grown-up human has in me.

We checked out, it was the same kind lady that checked us in. Timbo again spoke German with her. I think he needs more confidence as he seems to manage quite well. We met up with Heidi for a nibble and coffee to say "Auf wiedersehen".

We then got on the number 10 tram, and Heidi came one stop with us. The journey time is about thirty minutes, roughly three times longer than the train, but in some ways it is more relaxing. When you arrive there is a little walk to the airport terminal, but at least you can enjoy the Swiss air just that little bit longer. 

Alles in Ordnung.
As Timbo had checked us in on line and we only had hand baggage, we were able to go straight to the security check which went smoothly, and at Zurich it is much nicer than security usually is at London, either Heathrow or City airports.

We looked through the Duty free, and as usual Timbo uttered strange oaths under his breath I could not quite make out. I think I heard him say something like "Overpriced tat" but he might equally have said "Oh, look at that".

We relaxed for a while in the lounge and then a little before the call we went to the gate as Timbo always likes to be there in plenty of time, and he likes planes a lot, almost as much as this Bärli does, that he enjoys being in his seat watching the activity going on outside.

Buckled in ahead of time ready for take off.
Our flight was late leaving as it arrived late, but it was parked at a gate and not out in the middle of nowhere, as the flights to London City sometimes are.

The journey was wonderful and we had our cameras ready. We took lots of photographs and I am only showing you the best ones. I will not tell you which ones are mine and which ones are Timbo's. You will have to work it out for yourself.

Moments after take off we left Zurich behind.
A lovely view of the mountains in the distance rising above the cloud.
No, we did not photoshop in the engine!

Is this photograph better showing us banking and everything tilted or ...

... or is it better straightened out a bit?
We again had the vegan meal, this time we were given cold couscous with spinach in filo pastry, a warm vegetable samosa, in which there was potato but the greens were chopped up and it was hard to tell what they were. To finish off we had a very light chocolate mousse.

Our yummylicious lunch,
As a birthday toast to Laing, we had a glass of champagne, which the very kind steward topped up. Timbo had to ask him to stop. He did not want to be squiffy.

Belated happy birthday, Laing, and belated Australia Day wishes too.
Our arrival was scheduled just before sunset. I think Timbo and I were wise to sit on the left hand side, cameras ready to paw, to take some super shots.

Sunset between two layers of clouds (1)

Sunset between two layers of clouds (2)

Sunset between two layers of clouds (3)

Should I have asked Timbo "Are we there yet?" at this point?

We landed only a few minutes later than scheduled, which is not bad as we left about ten minutes or so late. We were through the automatic gates at passport control in next to no time, and only had to wait five minutes for the DLR. Our connection at Stratford was excellent. All in all, we had a good journey home and were back home indoors roughly an hour after landing.

My next trip is going to be to Bangkok and Singapore. I cannot wait to go, but no matter how much fun it is to go away and see friends, Timbo quite rightly says, there is no place like home, and there is nowhere as perfect as one's own bed.

In my own bed. Lucky me.

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