Friday, 25 November 2016

Travel, 25 November 2016

25 November 2016

Underground and DLR journeys

We left home and travelled to the airport on the underground and the DLR or Docklands Light Railway. The trains were noisy and so were the announcements.
Me with my Rimowa suitcase
Bärli Satisfaction: One paw

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

London City Airport Security Check
This took us right up to the airport and because Timbo had packed his bags well, and I had also packed my bag well, we did not have to check in the bags but went straight away to the horrible security are where horrid people kept shouting all the time. Timbo was moving as fast as he could but they were all shouty. Timbo was not happy. That makes me unhappy too.

Bärli Satisfaction: One paw

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Flight LX 457. 
LCY-ZRH (London City Airport to Flughafen Zürich (Kloten), Chloote in Swiss German and pronounced very strangely indeed)

The plane is an Avro RJ 100. Timbo says he remembers when it was a BAe 146 and a Jumbolino, but it is not pronounced with a J sound but a Y sound, because that is how they do it in German.

I know this is a rather old type of plane, but Timbo has told me stories of journeys he has had on this type of plane. He wishes he had made careful note of the airplanes' individual codes so he would know if he had flown on all of the ones Swiss uses. He hopes he has.

I like the plane too, even if it is a little noisy, but old planes were always noisier according to Timbo. It's very nice and comfortable and no matter how much you pay, you all get the same sort of seat. If you're at the pointy front part and have paid extra you always get one seat next to you with nobody in it guaranteed. That's one reason why you have to pay more. 
Buckled in properly
You also get nosh that is a little bit different. Timbo asked for the vegetarian option for this holiday as he sometimes finds the meat a little too heavy. He liked it. I had a nibble and I liked it too. 
Yum-yum yum-yum
Timbo likes bubbly drinks and he asked for bubbly water. In German it is called "Wasser mit". I think I will hear Timbo say that a lot. He was also very naughty and asked for the French wine with bubbles. However he was good and did not drink a lot of it.
It was only a small bottle. Bärlis do not lie.
I pointed out to him the bottom of the glasses have the Swiss logo. He said he had not noticed that before. Maybe he was being polite as I think he is a cleverer Timbo than he says he is. 
Can you see the little logo?
Timbo remembers when the seats were a beautiful dark blue, he says. But that was a long time ago. At Xmas, when it was Crossair when it was SwissAir (I do not understand as I am a very young Bärli, but I am sure it makes sense if you are old too), they gave you huge chocolate coins to say thank you for flying with us. I like airlines that believe in chocolate as a Thank You Geshänkli (I think that is  how they say little pressie in Swiss German). 

Me with my chocolate. I was buckled in as there was some turbulence, as you should be.
Bärli Comfort: Five paws
Bärli Seat Size: Five Paws
Bärli Taste Buds: Five Paws

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

SBB Train Journey, 16.43 IR nach Luzern (goody for me it was 5 minutes late so I just caught it)
Well, after the plane journey it was time to get on the train. Timbo really likes the trains in Switzerland. I hope one day I can go on a long train journey with him and see the scenery he has told me about. It really sounds like Switzerland is a wonderful and beautiful country. His favourite journey he thinks has to be from Zürich (where they speak Swiss German) to Lugano (where they speak Italian). Our train was called an IR Zug (Zug is the proper German word for train). IR means something I did not quite understand, but I am only a young Bärli and have much to learn.

I like Swiss trains. I am on a train that is a double decker and they have them on the continent, Timbo says, but apparently they will not be possible on the British railways. 

Cor! Lovely big comfy First Class Seat!!!
I was sitting at that downstairs window
As you will have guessed, they have a First Class section on the train. Timbo bought the ticket for me as a treat, even though it is a very short journey. I am downstairs so Timbo does not have to climb upstairs with his bags as they are a little heavy and he is very old, but he has promised to let me travel upstairs one day. I made a good and wise decision when I chose Timbo as my grown up human.

The train is much nicer than the Underground. It is quieter and smoother. This train is going to Luzern, or Lucerne. It is a very old city and like Zürich it has a part that is called Altstadt, or the Old Town. It also has a river and lake. I am confused as the Germans have one word for a lake and the sea. How can they tell difference when they are talking about a lake or a sea if one of them has never seen or never heard of it before?

To make things even more difficult for a young Bärli, in Switzerland they have four languages, French, German, Italian and Romansch. And they are so clever in Switzerland that they can also speak many more languages too. I like Switzerland. I really like it a lot. The Swiss seem to be very clever people.

Bärli Comfort: Five paws
Bärli Seat Size: Five Paws

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Altstadt Hotel

Timbo walked to the hotel from the Hauptbahnhof (that is German for main railway station) and Timbo showed me some of the streets and they are lovely all lit up for Xmas. Timbo loves the lights in Zürich, and I think I know why. They are not fancy showy offy. I will take some photos another time and post them for you. Timbo has stayed at this hotel before. He has eaten in the lovely little café they have at street level too.

Timbo impressed me when he spoke in German with the nice lady who checked us in. They still had his details on the computer. The room is nice and small, a very comfy size for a small young Bärli. I am just finishing off my blog while Timbo is being naughty having an Amaretto, it is one of his favouritest treats.
Bärli Comfort: Five paws
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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