Sunday, 27 November 2016

27 November 2016. Stein am Rhein and Zürich at night

Wow! What a big day it has been.

Timbo met up with his bestest friend Heidi for a special day out. There is a very special place they like to go to, called Stein am Rhein. The place is called Stein and as it is on the river Rhine that is why they call it in German "am Rhein", that means
on the Rhine. Timbo is helping me understand German.

This is me outside Krippenwelt.
Timbo comes here a lot when he visits Heidi. In the little café he has coffee and she has tea and they usually have a bit of cake too. When I asked Timbo if all people eat cake he said they do. I will not eat cake as people get old and I think it has to be the cake that makes them old. Mind you, I think it looks really delicious. Well, perhaps I will get a little old if I only eat a little cake.

Now I think it is only right and proper to tell you humans you assume too much from us Bärlis. We work very, very, very hard to make you humans feel comfortable. Walking on our hind paws all the time we are with you is exhausting. We were meant to walk on all four paws most of the time. Walking on our hind paws all the time tires them and us. I had to take regular little rests.

Me resting by a Peruvian stream in Krippenwelt
I found this really lovely room in Krippenwelt   
There are many Xmas Nativity Scenes and it is so hard to choose which ones to show you. I will give you just a few ideas with these photos I took on my camera. I hope it encourages you to go and visit this little museum. It is very special and very intimate.

Would you believe this is only about as big as Timbo's thumb?
This is one of Timbo's favourites. It is from Thailand.
He says it looks very Thai. I hope to travel there soon.
Bärli Satisfaction: Five Paws
Bärli Rest Comfort: Five Paws
After the excitement the humans went for a walk. Timbo carried me as the ground was cold and felt a little damp. I am glad he did as they went to a small island where there is a really small tiny, tiny, tiny chapel. It was dark inside but it felt a very special place to be.

After this we went back and had something to eat at a place called tibits where they serve vegetarian food. You choose what you want and put it on your plate. Then you take it to the counter and they weigh your meal and you pay according to the weight. Mine was yummy. I was too hungry to take a photograph. We all had the same drink. It was made from ginger and lemon and it was lovely.

Bärli Nosh Satisfaction: Five Paws

It was now time to say goodbye for the moment and we went back to the hotel. Timbo took me along the famous Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich and I saw their Xmas lights properly for the first time. It was like seeing thousands of stars in the sky. It was really beautiful.

I tried counting the stars in the Bahnhofstrasse.
I gave up. There were too many thousands of them.
Next Timbo took me along one of of his favourite streets in Zürich, called Rennweg. Here the stars were bigger but there are still too many to count.

The lights in Rennweg.
Can you see how big the stars are?
Bärli Xmas Lights Happiness: Five Paws
Bärli Xmas Lights Counting: Four Paws (marked down as there are too many thousands to count)

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